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Unsecured Vs Secured Business Loans

Unsecured Vs Secured Busienss Loans

Unsecured Vs Secured Business Loans

With a number of available business loans, finding the right one is an important step. Two most common types of small business loans is Secured and Unsecured business loans. Read below to find the comparison of secured loans vs unsecured loans.

Difference between Secured Business Loans and Unsecured Business Loans:


Factors to Compare Secured LoansUnsecured Loans
Collateral  Security is required against the business loans in terms of an asset with a value greater than or equal to the loan amount.There is no collateral required to secure the loan amount. 
Interest Rates  Low-interest rates as compared to unsecured business loans.Due to the lack of security as collateral interest rates are comparatively higher.
Amount of LoanHigher than unsecured loans.Lower than secured business loans.
Risk to LenderLower risk to the lender as if the borrower is not able to pay the loan, lenders can claim the collateral.Higher risk to the lender as there is no collateral involved.
Risk to BorrowerHigher risk to the borrower as the collateral can be taken by the lender in case of loan repayment failure.Lower risk to the borrower. 
Credit ScoreWith collateral in hand, there is a comparatively less strict requirement for a good credit score.Due to lack of any asset as security, there is a more strict requirement for a good credit score.

Time and Repayment


Approval can take comparatively more time, repayment terms are longer.Less approval time with shorter repayment terms.
ExampleHouse loans, Car loans, Bridging finance, Secured small business loans.Crowdfunding, Credit cards, Personal loans, Unsecured business loans.

                                             Table: secured vs unsecured business loans

Which Loans are best for your business: Secured or Unsecured small business loans?

You need secured business loans because:

✔️ Your business needs a large amount of money.

✔️ You have assets to secure the loans against.

✔️ You have an established and successful business.

✔️You need time to repay the loans amount.

You need unsecured business loans because:

✔️ You do not have any asset to put up as collateral.

✔️You need a loan quickly.

✔️You can repay the loan amount in a short period of time.

✔️ You have small/medium sized business.

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