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Getting on Track for business funding

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Not sure where to start in your #businessfunding venture? Here are five things you can do right now to get on the right track.


You can start with your own savings or credit card to fund your business. But you should plan to use the money wisely.

Ask friends or family

When you do not have enough money, or you want more than your credit limit, you can ask your friends or family to loan you the money or to invest in your business. When you are just starting your business, they must have an understanding that the returns may not come back anytime soon. But once your business starts growing and making profits, reward them for taking a bet on you.


Crowdfunding is used by individuals to collect fundings for their business by finding money through crowdfunding websites like Pozible or Birchal. Funding is provided by small investors who can invest in start-ups or small businesses with fewer restrictions.

Another type of funding option similar to this is crowd-sourced funding. Here money is raised by asking from the public to finance the startups, small or medium-sized businesses. You have to put the idea of your business, its vision and mission there and if people like it, they will invest in you. CSF (crowd-sources funding) was introduced by the Australian Government on 29th September 2019.

These two options are taken generally when you can’t collect money from family and also not able to take any loan at this point.

Angel Investors

When your business starts growing and having steady revenue. You can approach Angel Investors to invest money in your business, which you can use to expand and grow your business. These investors do research and then find out if your business is meeting their requirements or not for investing their money. The investment can range from $50,000 to $500,000 or more. They usually want ownership equity in your business in exchange for their capital.

Small Business Loans

Business loans are generally taken in the later stages of growing business. You can get small business loans to wither from Banks or from private lenders. There are some pros and cons involved in both. If you have a good credit score, your business is operating for more than 2 years, can wait some time for loan approval, you can ask Banks to provide you a loan. But if you want quick funding, or have no collateral to provide, or you are not eligible for a bank loan then, you can always go for an online business loan. Small business loans from private lenders can be Secured loans, Unsecured loans, Equipment Financing, Invoice Factoring, etc

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