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The moment you start researching about business loans, you start getting calls from banks asking to apply. Nothing against them but do you think they care about your situation and your benefits. Or they are just counting you as a number towards getting a promotion or some perks on the side? Pineapple funding is a loan broker, not a bank teller. In this article, we will answer two questions that are commonly asked.

Why you should go for private loans?

Why should I trust Loans brokers over a Bank Teller?

Why you should go for private loans?

With traditional banks, there are strict lending requirements or criteria and long approval times. After the royal commission, the private loans lending industry has opened new options for business owners in need of loans.

Let’s look at the following reasons:

  • Private loans lenders can allow a business owner to apply for loans without giving collateral as security. Collaterals are a must requirement with the banks. The interest rates can be comparatively higher but you do not have to worry about risking your assets.
  • Banks have strict regulations that pretty much makes it hard for new or small businesses to get loans. Requirements like high credit score, time in business, high cash flow, low debt to income ratios, etc are needed to get approval for the loans. But, private loans lending has made it easy for these business owners to get loans easily and in very less time.
  • Sometimes it takes weeks to get approved for loans from the banks. Those who need fast cash has to wait a long time or find another way of fulfilling it. Some online loans lenders have been approving the loans within 24 hours and are 100% legitimate.
  •  If you are not getting approved by banks then instead of sitting back and worrying about some percentage higher interest rates, you can get the cash and grow your business.

Banks or Private Lenders, which one is better? It depends on the individual and their situation. For a business owner who can get easily qualified for bank loans and is in no hurry for the cash, bank loans can be a good option for him. But for another person who wants fast cash or does not want to give collateral, getting a private loan can be the best bet.

Why should I trust Loans brokers over a Bank Teller?

A loan agent or broker can clearly understand your situation as their job is to provide the best option for you. With the business loans agent, you can get all the lenders at one place to choose and get a good bargain for interest rates. Here, you are in control.

Secured or unsecured business loans, equipment finance or invoice factoring, whether you know or you have no idea about which loan is best for you. Loans brokers always have the right product and best offers from various registered lenders.

We at Pineapple Funding are online loans brokers, who first understand your situation and needs and then offer the best loans for you to find a suitable one. Contact us in case of any query and we are happy to help anytime.