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Get financing for vehicles or equipment and help your business grow

Equipment Finance is the perfect way to gain access to a range of finance solutions so you can purchase new equipment and upgrade your business needs. Whether it be for cars, equipment, commercial vehicles, machinery or office materials, Pineapple Funding can help. With a range of financing options and interest rates, we make sure you get the right loan to grow your business. Apply for Equipment Finance and you can get quick access to capital once approved. 
Pineapple Funding is committed to:
  • Providing increased cashflow
  • Access to commercial and auto loans
  • Fast and efficient finance approvals
  • Stress-free applications
By working with over 41 lenders, we will get you the cheapest rate and guarantee approval. Our loans have low documentation requirements – all you need is an ABN to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can access a range of commercial and equipment finance solutions that are suited to your business needs.

You can get equipment finance for many business uses including new equipment or updating capital assets, large scale capital items or heavy equipment for production. 

Equipment Finance loans are often secured against the value of the asset you are intending to purchase. It works in a similar way to a car loan or home loan.

You may be able to claim input tax credits for the GST included in the equipment's price, and claim the depreciation and interest parts of your repayments. 

You can follow these three simple steps:

  • Apply for a loan with your details above or contact us for a consultation
  • Choose from a variety of loans provided by our trusted private loan lenders.
  • Apply online for the loan with your online lending manager.

We first consult with you to understand your requirements, then offer a variety of loans for you to choose the right ones that meet your needs.


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