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Boost your cash flow through factoring and find the right business finance for you

Invoice Factoring is a growing opportunity for businesses to release valuable cash flow simply by having another company collect payment from your customer and paying you the remainder of the receivable, retaining a percentage as their fee. By utilising this service, you have the chance to generate capital quickly and still ensure you get paid.

Pineapple Funding is committed to:
  • Providing you cash for invoices as an alternative to real estate security
  • Eligibility for all B2B businesses
  • Provide quotes within 24 hours
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Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as accounts receivable finance, invoice factoring is a type of business finance that offers a boost to your cash flow. The factor collects payments from your customers and pays you the remainder of the receivable, retaining a percentage as their fee.

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Credit scores are a score-based number that represents information in your credit report. It is used by credit providers to ascertain if you are a risky borrower or frequently make timely repayments. The higher your score, the higher you are considered to repay credit borrowed and are more likely to be approved for a loan at a lower interest rate.

Having good credit can do a few things:

  • Improve your credit score
  • Secure credit in future
  • Have a fresh financial start

Credit repair timelines can change from person to person and it's important to be patient with the repair process. It's best to ensure that that you are on top of your finances and don't fall behind on any credit repayments. 

Pineapple Funding works with a variety of credit repair providers who are up to date with the Australian Credit Reporting system and have helped countless other Australian is and their businesses repair their credit rating to secure financial credit and regain control of their financial futures.


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